How a Family Law Lawyer Determines Cost of Services

Having an arrangement with a family law lawyer has a significant impact on the amount that will be paid for the services.

The legal fees that are given by the family law lawyer will depend on the following factors :

  • The amount of time the family law lawyer spends on the problem, therefore a complex problem will amount to a larger amount of legal fee
  • The ability of the family law lawyer which depends on the lawyer’s reputation and experience.
  • The difficulty and novelty of the case because difficult cases mean the lawyer has to do more research, investigations as well as seeking advice from others
  • The results that the family law lawyer will obtain and the costs involved. These costs include the lawyer’s overhead expenses like the rent, office equipment, utilities and computers which will affect the fee that is charged.

There are several types of fee arrangements that can be used by the family law lawyer like the consultation fee which is a fee that is charged at a fixed or hourly rate especially during the first meeting.

Contingency fees are fees that are charged and are based on a percentage of the amount that is awarded in a case. However, if the case is lost, the lawyer will not get a fee but the expenses will still have to be paid. The percentages for the contingency fee vary from lawyer to lawyer.

At times courts may decide a limit on the amount of contingency fee that a lawyer can receive. Cases that the courts set a limit on are those that deal with property damage, personal injury or those cases where a large sum of money is involved.

Lawyers may at times also be prohibited from contingency fee arrangements in cases such as child custody or criminal matters. The contingency fee arrangements are also not available in divorce matters, if an individual is being sued, or if they are seeking general legal advice in the sale or purchase of a business.

Flat fees are fees that are offered if the case is simple or routine like in the case of a will or a divorce that is uncontested.

Hourly rate is the rate that is charged for each hour that the lawyer works on the case. This is usually the most typical form of fee arrangement.

Referral fee is the type of fee that a lawyer charges when they refer you to another lawyer. This fee may be a portion of the total fee that the other lawyer will charge for the case. However, these fees may be prohibited under certain applicable state codes that deal with professional responsibility until certain criteria are met.

Retainer fees are fees that are set by a lawyer which can be based on the hourly rate. This fee is a type of “down payment” against which the other future costs are billed. It is usually placed in a special account from where the accruing cost of services are deducted.

How to Choose a Chicago Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents take place every day to thousands of Americans, and yet many of them are not aware of what to do when they are involved in a car accident, or let alone even knowing about hiring attorneys to represent them after the accident. Having a qualified and experienced Chicago car accident attorney can spell the difference between being found liable and paying damages to someone else, or collecting lump sum amounts in damages.

What to Look For

Choosing the first lawyer you find online or in a phonebook can ultimately lead you to a serious loss in the end, all in the hope of saving a couple of dollars.

The following are some things to consider when choosing the best Chicago car accident attorney:

  • Experience
  • Personal attention
  • Proven track record
  • Medical knowledge
  • Familiarity with Illinois State Law


Car accidents can be extremely difficult to understand, especially with the multiple causes and effects it can bring about. Also, many people, organizations and agencies may be involved in ascertaining the cause of the accident and who was wrong. Steering through this maze of paperwork and people can be time consuming and ultimately daunting, which can more often than not lead to a mistake. This is why hiring a Chicago car accident attorney with a lot of experience is paramount to you being successful.

Personal Attention

Many legal firms are so big that a lot of their work is handled by temps and paralegals. Working with an attorney for a short period of time has the potential to decrease your chances of a successful lawsuit. Make sure you choose a Chicago car accident attorney who has a more personal and compassionate approach to your case.

Proven Track Record

While experience is very important, it also has to translate to winning cases. The attorney should be able to show success in prior cases that are similar to yours, which proves their track record in winning cases for clients. Ask for proof of case settlements and awards in car accident cases that are similar to yours.

Medical Knowledge

Many car accidents result in some form of injury, which may be minor or severe. For you to successfully prove to a judge or jury that you were injured, your accident attorney will need to have some knowledge of the body and medicine. While a doctor’s report will do perfectly fine, but choosing a Chicago accident attorney with medical knowledge will give better leeway over other attorneys without any knowledge.

Familiarity With Illinois State Law

Although this may sound obvious, many legal firms are very large and handle so many cases such that at times they are not too familiar with certain laws such as county statutes city ordinances in and around Chicago, IL. It is important to get an accident attorney

Can a Criminal Lawyer Fight My Case?

If an individual has some serious penalties or is supposed to serve time in prison, he or she will need the best criminal lawyer to fight for them. However hiring a good criminal lawyer depends on the amount of money to be spent on legal fees.

The legal system is designed in a way that even if an individual has a high IQ and a great mind he or she may not be able to represent themselves in a competent manner. This is because each criminal case is not exactly like the other.

Criminal law is the type of law that deals exclusively with the crimes as well as punishments of people. A crime is an act or behavior which society has decided must be punished by imprisonment, fine or both. The criminal law rules vary depending on if the charge is a felony or a misdemeanor, and also whether the case is held in state or a federal court. Felonies are crimes which are punished by a prison term of more than one year. Misdemeanors are crimes where an individual faces a prison term of less than one year.

A criminal lawyer is able to fight an individual’s case because:

  1. A criminal lawyer is trained to pick the special portions in each case that makes it unique. The lawyers are also able to spot arguments as well as factors that can mitigate or negate the potential crime.
  1. The criminal lawyer can also call witnesses to an individual’s defense and cross-examining witnesses that have been put forward by the prosecution.
  1. The lawyers may also work with individuals and the prosecutor to negotiate a plea bargain which can reduce the potential sentence or even eliminate all or some of the charges that are brought against the individual.
  1. A criminal lawyer can help an individual deal with the emotions that go along with criminal trials. This is because most defendants involved in criminal prosecutions feel depressed, embarrassed as well as fearful. They also suffer from a low self-esteem.
  1. The lawyers know what is going on during an individual’s criminal trial and they are able to remain objective through the proceedings, they can also offer insights into the trial as well as what is likely to happen in the future. They also know most of the court rules which are written and unwritten rules. They can also explain some of the hidden costs that may come when an individual pleads guilty.

Criminal proceedings usually begin with investigation where the police investigate an individual due to a reasonable belief that the person has violated the law. There is a search that is conducted if the police officer believes that a search warrant is needed to get evidence. The person is then questioned and their constitutional rights are protected. The individual is then arrested if the police have a probable cause. The person is then given the constitutional right to an attorney.

Top Surgeries Represented by a Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney

A Chicago medical malpractice attorney represents victims who have been injured or killed as a result or poor medical care by nurses and doctors, wrongfully diagnosed or simply had more complications from a surgery that was supposed to go well. If you or a loved experiences any of these conditions or anything else that they are not sure about, they should consult a Chicago medical malpractice attorney.

The following are top surgeries represented by a Chicago medical malpractice attorney.

Medication Errors

These are quite simple and can often be devastating as they seem. For instance, a person can eligible to file a lawsuit against their surgeon if they are needlessly given antibiotics after a surgery despite having told the medical personnel that they were allergic to them. Some patients are accidentally overdosed or given the wrong medicine during surgery, and it more often than not results in severe complications. In other cases, doctors and nurses fail to monitor their patients which can once again lead to some serious consequences if not fatal.

Getting the services of a qualified and experienced Chicago medical malpractice attorney will help in investigating, advocating, developing, litigating and winning your case. After an invent involving medical malpractice, many patients look for answers but not knowing if they are able to file a lawsuit or not. Medical malpractice attorneys will take a look at your case and ascertain whether or not it has enough merits to go for a settlement or trial. More often than not, such cases get settled but in the event of that not being achieved they lead to a trial. An experienced attorney will deep in further to find any evidence of malpractice or negligence, and he or she will use these findings to build a strong case for you.


This primarily involves wrong or delayed diagnosis and makes up to a quarter of all claims involving medical malpractice. Breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer are among the most common misdiagnosed conditions to an extent that medical negligence insurers have developed certain screening algorithms for all these conditions. In many cases a physician will have failed to detect signs of potentially fatal diseases early enough for treatment. If you have experienced something like that you can file a lawsuit and get those responsible to account for their actions.

Surgery Mismanagement

This is a very common medical malpractice claim. While many lawsuits involving surgery malpractice are simple errors made by a surgeon in performing a certain technique wrongfully, there are some malpractice incidents that involve serious mistakes during the procedure and from the medical staff as a whole. Some incidents may include loss of sight due to the administration of wrong medication and other complications that could have otherwise been avoided. A Chicago medical malpractice attorney will advocate for you and make sure that those responsible are held liable.

Questions to Ask Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents rarely forewarn you when they come, leaving many victims unprepared and not sure how to move on. When you get injured as a result of an accident, a lot of uncertainty will surround you and a lot of decisions will need to made very quickly. After sustaining injuries from an accident, you should immediately seek medical attention and also get the services of experienced and qualified Chicago personal injury attorneys for legal representation. With that said, how do you know who’s the best personal injury attorney for your case?

The following are some questions to ask your Chicago personal injury attorneys to ascertain if they are the right people for the task at hand:

  • Which areas of law do they specialize in?

Certainly you wouldn’t want a dentist to deliver your child even though they are both medical professionals. On the same note, you shouldn’t go for attorneys who don’t specialize in personal injury cases. Different attorneys specialize in different legal areas, and for this, they have specialized skills in those particular areas. To get the best results you should go for Chicago personal injury attorneys as they are more specialized in the law of personal injury.

  • Have they previously handled cases similar to yours? How many, and what was the outcome?

Simply because someone practices in particular area doesn’t mean they are proficient in it. They may be new to the area with minimal experience, or may do it on a part-time bases or they just might be bad in the field. Chicago personal injury attorneys are allowed by the state regulatory board to provide information about previous cases and outcomes, so if possible do inquire. While previous success doesn’t guarantee success in the future, atleast you’ve got your best bet and you’ll be confident about the possible outcome of the case.

  • Will other attorneys also work on your case?

Some hire Chicago personal injury attorneys after seeing them on TV or some magazine, and thinking that the particular person on the commercial will represent them. In reality, most of the work is handled by case managers, and hearings are attended by juniors. Such junior attorneys may be qualified to do an exceptional job, but it will be important for you to get that one attorney you prefer, not just any staff from the legal firm. This is one important question to ask.

  • How long does he or she think it will take to get an outcome?

As your time out of work and medical bills pile, it will be important for you to know how long the legal proceedings will take before you are compensated. The best Chicago personal injury attorneys will always have a rough estimate of how long your case will take as well as how much time will be spent on investigations, doctor visits and so on.